About the Alexino Old Stamp sKy Cymbals

 "I'm passionate about creating the best cymbals I can, and I love using them to lift people up and make them happy!" 



The name "Old Stamp Sky" is a nod to the legendary Zildjian K Istanbul Old Stamps from the 1940s and 1950s.

This includes, in particular, their bell and profile shape, the tight lathing pattern, and their distinctive sound, which are the primary sources of inspiration for my work.

I am particularly partial to the more balanced characteristics of the Old K Istanbul cymbals in comparison to the more varied tones found in the more trashy and funky ones.

For the Alexinos to be successfully crafted, it is of the utmost importance to achieve tension and evenness, to manage thickness and taper in order to build a very balanced sound.

The majority of Alexino Cymbals are custom-made, crafted with the specific intention of meeting the needs and preferences of each drummer.

In addition to the custom orders, a few cymbals are typically crafted independently and made available for purchase through the online store.

The establishment of a waiting list allows me the necessary time to focus on each individual instrument, thereby ensuring that I can achieve the optimal sound desired by customers.

The optimal dimensions, mass, and thickness, as well as the precise pitch, are determined through a process of consultation with the customer regarding the specific requirements of the custom-made cymbal.

Prior to departing the workshop, all Alexinos must satisfy certain criteria.

1. Even shape

2. Well-balanced overtones

3. A strong definition of the stick (clear separation of "wind" and water)
4. The bell is positioned correctly within the profile
5. The pitch is clear and clean The cymbals must be able to respond quickly without sacrificing dynamic range and opening up the sound.

7. All Alexino cymbals are crafted from the finest Turkish B20 bronze.







Johnathan Blake : " My brother Alexino has been making some incredible cymbals over the last couple of years. If you find yourself in Vienna, go and check him out , you won't regret it "

Chris Parker:"Alexino’s cymbals are modeled after those played by our drumming heroes; you hear from the first note that he is very well-informed by the jazz tradition. Playing his cymbals (and my own cymbals that he has modified) always brings me joy— they inspire me to serve the music, time and time again!"


Matt Wilson : "Alexino does not just hammer a cymbal. He instills a deep sense of love ans spirit into each of his gorgeous sonic creations. His cymbals are made to lift the music and they will allow you to align with your sonic imagination to welcome beautiful human moments ! Bravo Alexino "


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