1. Are Alexino Cymbals costum made?  Yes ,Alexino Cymbals are costum made. To join the waiting list for a costum cymbal, a 50 percent deposit of the actual sales price( excluding  shipping) is necassary.I you're not local(Vienna), I prefer to have a Facetime conversation to discuss the specifics of the cymbal(s) I will craft fo you.


2.  Do you offer modifications to existing cymbals? Yes, modifications are available on a case-by-case basis.Please reach out via email to discuss your specific needs.

3 . What materials are used to produce the Alexinos? Only the highest quality Turkish B20 blanks are used to craft these instruments, ensuring exceptional sound and durability.

4.  What is your policy on returns and guarantees? Given that Alexino Cymbals are crafted to your specifications, they are non refundable and cannot be returned. Please rest assured that client satisfaction is crucial to me, and in case of any issues , we will work together to find suitable solutions

5.How are cymbals shipped,and what are the shipping policies? All cymbals are shipped from Vienna once a week. Before ordering, please check the costums regulations in your country to avoid any potential issues.

6. Is it possible to visit your workshop in Vienna? Yes, it is always possible to visit me at my workshop/house. Please reach out via social media or via e-mail to schedule a visit have a talk,trying cymbals and playing drums!


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