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Mario Gonzi has been playing drums since he was five years old. In 1979, at the age of thirteen, he began studying at the Vienna Conservatory with Erich Bachträgl

He performed with:

Eddie „Lockjaw” Davis, Benny Golson, Johnny Griffin, Phil Woods, Jesse Davis, Odean Pope, Vincent Herring, Red Holloway, Brad Lealy, Charly Rouse, Sal Nistico, Jim Pepper, Ernie Wilkins, Buddy de Franco, Scott Hamilton, Harry Allen, Eric Alexander, Andy Scherrer, Bob Berg, Dick Oatts, Ferdinand Povel, Roman Schwaller, Gary Smulyan, Bobby Watson, Allan Praskin, Benny Baily,Clark Terry, Jon Faddis, Derrick Gardner, Dusko Gojkovic, John Marshal, Randy Brecker, Ack van Royen, Duane Eubanks, Phillip Harper, Claudio Roditti, Bob Brookmayer, Jim Galloway, Cedar Walton, Mal Waldron, Jay McShann, Richie Beirach, Don Friedman, Cyrus Chestnut, Eric Reed, Kenny Werner, Fritz Pauer, Larry Porter, Dado Moroni, Joe Haider, Jimmy Woode, Chuck Israels, Reggie Johnson, Isla Eckinger, Ed Schuller, Paulo Cardoso, Carl Ratzer, Peter Bernstein, Emily Remler, Roberta Gambarini, Etta Cameron, Ann Hampton Callaway, Sheila Jordan, Judy Niemack, Mark Murphy, Kevin Mahogany, Miles Griffin, Shawn Monteiro, Take Six, Catarina Valente, Marianne Mendt, etc


Mr. Gonzi is teaching on the " Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien" formerly the Conservatory of Vienna.



Mario's cymbal set up :

21.5"  Old Stamp sKy Ride  ( medium thin)

20" Old Stamp sKy Ride  with 32 holes ( medium)

20" Old Stamp sKy Ride (medium thin) 

22" Old Stamp sKy Swish ( Mel Lewis style)

13" Old Stamp sKy Hi Hat ( medium thin)

20" Old Stamp sKy Flat Ride (medium thin)


All cymbals are specially designed to Mario Gonzi's specifications.


Note by Alexino : 

Mario Gonzi is a figure of considerable admiration. My first encounter with him, at the age of 17, proved transformative, offering a new perspective on life and music.
Mr. Gonzi is a master and encyclopedia of music, encompassing time, energy, and flow, as well as the ability to adapt to diverse musical settings.

Mr. Gonzi has performed in a multitude of musical ensembles, including trios and quartets, vocal ensembles, and large ensembles. In order to accommodate the diverse musical settings in which he is performing, his cymbals must be capable of producing a wide range of sounds.

When Mario is about to enter "beast mode" in terms of both energy and dynamics, it is crucial for his cymbals to remain consistently focused, maintaining their stick definition and responsiveness, even when struck gently or with brushes.
I am immensely gratified, privileged, and honored to be able to contribute to his personal sound, working alongside and learning from him.







Marvin "Bugalu" Smith is a master drummer and the best way to understand him, is to listen to his own words...


I started playing drums at age 2 and in that time I studied with all of the great master drummers: Max Roach, Elvin Jones, Philly Joe Jones, Roy Hayes, Art Taylor, and my brother Earl "Buster" Smith. My out look on music is without end. Right now what I'm doing is teaching young people, to understand how the master drummers got there power on the drums. Understanding the basic foundation of the drums. Teaching them that it was used for communication, a way to talk to people. So with this understanding of the drums, we can go to an even deeper level of understanding. My way of playing the drums is to PUT THE TIME FIRST, before the technical side.

He performed with : Lee Morgan, Chet Baker,James Brown,Charles Mingus,Herbie Hancock,Buster Williams,Archie Shepp,Sun Ra Orchestra,Kenny Werner and many more 



the grandmasters cymbal set up is: 


2x20" Old Stamp sKy Ride " Elvin Jones model" 8 rivets 

13" Old Stamp sKy Hi Hat medium thin 


Note by Alexino:

Grandmaster Bugalu's cymbals are heavily inspired by one of his teachers....the goat Elvin Jones!

20"  dark pitched medium cymbals with 8 rivets. 

His left side 20 " Ride is a little bit higher pitched for the piano solos, to stay out of the piano's range.

He is particularly fond of the deep, resonant sound of his "Elvin Jones model."

Marvin Bugalu Smith is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished drummers in the history of the instrument. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him as well as to call him an Alexino artist. Bugalu is not only my mentor and teacher, but also one of my closest friends. (Thank you for your kickin my butt all the time!)


Matheus Jardim was born in Joao Pessoa (Brazil).

He is a drummer/percussionist that started his musical studies with his father, the multi-instrumentalist Antonio de Padua at the age of 11. He began with his professional career at the age of 12 playing and recording with local musicians. In 2013 he moved to Graz (Austria) to study drums on jazz department in “KUG” (Kunst Universitat Graz) with prof. Howard Curtis. Since 2015 he is living in Vienna where he is active in music scene and participates in numerous projects  nationally as well as internationally with different artists like Raul de Souza, Ben Wendel,Joel Ross,Dhafer Youssef Gerald Preinfalk,Harry Sokal, Georg Vogel, Alegre Correa, Michael Pipoquinha, Gabriel Grossi, Misha Piatigorsky, Daniel Holzleitner, Jatobà Big Band,Marco Churnchetz,Jure Pukl and many more 

Matheus Jardim's cymbal set up : 

21 " Old Stamp sKy Ride ( medium thin) regular shape

22"  Matheus Prototype Ride (thin and irregular)

22" Matheus Prototype Ride (medium thin, irregular

13" Old Stamp sKy Hi Hat (medium thin)

15" Old Stamp sKy  Hi Hat (thin)


Note from Alexino: 

My dear brother and colleague Matheus has been a part of the Alexino Cymbals team since its inception.

I greatly admire his musical abilities, his boundless energy, and his willingness to explore new avenues. On occasion, Matheus and I approach our work in a similar fashion to that of a scientist, combining various elements in an attempt to achieve a breakthrough. On numerous occasions, he has requested sounds that are starkly at odds with my personal preferences. I embrace this challenge because it allows me to expand beyond my comfort zone to ensure his satisfaction.
Matheus is the youngest of my esteemed Alexino artists. He is a profound and great performer in his own right, and one of the most accomplished musicians in Europe.  I am pleased to have him on board!


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