About Alexino

 I got born in August 1990 and play the drums since the age of 3.  I  studied with some of the finest musicians from Europe such as Klemens Marktl, Mario Gonzi,Vladimir Kostadinovic,Roberto Gatto,Dusan Novakov. 

I'm  working as a sidemen as well as leading my own projects. ( Artist page comin soon..)

The underlying assumption is that the fundamental purpose of human existence is to promote happiness, elevate spirits, and act as a force for good, regardless of any specific rationale. This is the guiding principle that informs my actions in my roles as a musician, a cymbal maker, and as a human being in general.

In 2018 I got myself involed into cymbal making, having literally no clue about anything ,but this sound in the ears, which i wanted to accomplish once the cymbal is done. 

Prior to embarking on this craft, I had always fantasized about an Old Zildjian K Istanbul Old Stamp with a wooden stick definition and a wash underneath. This combination was distinctly audible but never exceeded the limits of the stick, as we all appreciate from Elvin, Tony, Max, Art Blakey, Mel Lewis, and Philly Joe, among others.

Consequently, I was aware of the desired outcome and embarked on the journey to achieve it.

I did not receive any instruction in cymbal technique from any source,  at the time I began crafting those instruments.

The process involved a great deal of trial and error, as well as an understanding of the cause and effect relationships involved. The aim was to identify the sound desired and to develop the ability to create cymbals that would meet the specific requirements of the customer. 

My techniques encompass Japanese "Tankin" techniques and a number of techniques that I have developed and discovered through my own research and experimentation. Meanwhile, the process was driven to perfection.

In the case of custom orders, it is of the utmost importance to have a clear understanding of the required process. There is no room for allowing the material to dictate the outcome; rather, it is essential to have a well-defined plan of action.

The comprehension of causality, consciousness, and technical abilities provides the freedom to create without any limitations.
















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